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8 Women Hoodie Outfit Ideas To Try This Season

Hoodies, no doubt, have become a new-age wardrobe staple, and we bet it is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. What used to be a staple of skater, sports, and hip-hop has been reshaped to emerge as fashion attire. Hoodies, surprisingly versatile, seem to be a favourite garment choice for both women and men. This comfortable, timeless classic is not exclusively for lounging around the house, but you can wear one in a number of ways, no matter where you are heading.
Layer your favourite hoodie under a coat during the winter or style it with a contrast blazer; your options are countless. At Pacific Hoodies, we are excited to present different hoodie looks that prove comfortable attires can make one look chic.
Before you seek the best place to buy hoodies online, take a look at these cool ways to pair your hoodie.

Go colourful

Tie-dye sweatshirts are the most raved-about topics right now. Why not pair your colourful sweatshirt with some bomber jackets and cool sneakers?

Hoodies with skirts

You are surely going to love it. Take your basic everyday hoodie up a notch by pairing it with a plaid skirt. Do not forget to wear a belt and add some lace-up boots to finish off the look.

Bold pants

Are you someone who would like to go for a fusion look without giving too much thought to it? This look is for those who love to combine casual and classic with fashionable and bold. If you are looking for the best way to style your bold pants, try a simple hoodie in a basic color. Wear some heels, and you are good to go.

Blazer and hoodies are deadly

A cool yet classic look is all about pairing a black hoodie with latex pants. You may want to add a tailored blazer on top of your hoodie, giving your look an edgy and sophisticated finish.

Oversized is the new normal

Pick an oversized sweatshirt to rock this look. Try your oversized sweatshirt with a lace slip skirt. Add some sky-high lace heels to complete the look.

Jeans and hoodies make for a great combination

Hoodies with jeans are the ultimate laidback look. Up your game by adding some heeled boots and a blazer over your graphic hoodie.

Layering could be your thing

Sometimes, it is hard to look fashionable in winter. Staying warm and looking stylish, however, are the goals for many. The easiest way to balance the two is to pair a leather puffer and hoodies. Throw on a cool graphic hoodie and layer it with a leather puffer, and there you go!

Anything designer will do

Customize your favourite hoodie and couple it with jeans to achieve a unique look. Not only will you look confident, but it will also make everyone notice what you have to say about you.
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