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A Guide to Different Types of T-Shirts

T-shirts seem to be every guy's favorite outfit. Men love outfits that are easy to pull off and comfortable to wear. With several variations in styles available, one can easily discover his favorite tee that is flattering and fits his personality. Before you want to buy a unisex t-shirt, it is worth knowing how to pick one that suits your body.   

An ideal t-shirt should fit your body type

Whether you prefer a semi-fitted style or want something baggy, t-shirts can be your true companion. You can achieve any look with your favorite tee to go with the flow. The idea is to pick the right fit that complements your look. Thanks to the designers, modern tees' wear-ability has been improved a lot. Therefore, it is easy to experiment with different styles to find out the right one.

Make sure that you choose a t-shirt that is not too clingy or cozy. Also, look for the sleeves, neckline, length, and seams of the t-shirt before buying one.

Different types of necklines of t-shirts

The crewneck 

The crew neck t-shirt is a universal garment featuring a round neckline. Consider buying one to create a well-rounded silhouette if you have long and sloped shoulders. Nothing can beat a crewneck tee for a timeless look.

The V-neck style

The neck of this t-shirt features a V shape. A V-neck t-shirt will suit those who have round faces with broad shoulders. If you want to pull off a slimmer look with a V-neck tee, it is easy to achieve. You can also pair it with a shirt.

Polo t-shirt 

Polo t-shirts are a collared variety featuring buttons. If you want to add a sense of formality to your look, opt for one. If you have a lean body type, polo t-shirts will suit you best.

The scoop

The scoop neck t-shirt is another variety of crewneck tee that has a round neckline, which reaches a few inches below the collarbone.

Different sleeve types

Long sleeve t-shirt

Long sleeve t-shirts are available either in full or three-quarter-length sleeves. The sleeves are attached on a diagonal seam.

Sleeveless t-shirt

Sleeveless tees have a deeper neckline. The straps may vary in the width of the shoulder. Those who have a heavily muscular body can opt for a sleeveless tee to show off their toned upper torso.

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