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A Guide To Wearing A Sniper Gang T-Shirt: Men’s Fashion Signature

The humble t-shirt's versatility has a lot to do with its ability to outlast trends. It is the only piece of clothing suitable for any occasion irrespective of gender.
Having said that, the rules for wearing t-shirts are simple. Start with the basic colours like black, white, grey, and navy. You can team up your Sniper Gang t-shirt with anything from jackets to knitwear to blazers to collared shirts.
Here is your ultimate guide to wearing different t-shirts with style.

Wearing printed t-shirts

Printed t-shirts are a step up in terms of giving your look more dynamic. Whether it is a graphic design or a brand, the rule is to keep it subtle. These days printed t-shirts are meant to enhance one's overall look. If you choose to wear loud bottoms, pair them with a solid-coloured t-shirt. Jeans are winners with printed t-shirts on most occasions.

Wearing plain t-shirts

Plain t-shirts are the easiest wardrobe staple for men to pull off. T-shirts in solid colours can be paired with just about everything. They can already look sharp on their own, even on that hot summer day.
You can also layer them up during winter, however. Not to mention you have a whole new wardrobe dimension to play with. If you have run out of ideas, be sure to pick up a white tee and pair it with blue or black jeans. The look is casual and relaxed. You can also pair them with bombers, denim jackets, or cardigans as you please.
Plain t-shirts can work with a myriad variety of shoes, be it casual sneakers or leather boots. Runners can go well with t-shirts, but only if you are after an athleisure look.

Wearing striped t-shirts

Stripes are somewhat similar to printed tees. However, their geometric shape makes them stand out. Striped t-shirts have been famous outfit choices amongst the more stylish men of the world.
Thanks to the exciting patterns they feature, it is easy to rock a striped tee without giving it too much thought. The rule is always to pair striped t-shirts with solid-colored bottoms.
The bottoms can be black or blue denim, non-patterned chinos, or plain trousers. This is because you never want clashing lines in your look. Please stay away from vertical stripes unless you have the flattering physique of a bodybuilder, as they will contour around your body.

Wearing long sleeve t-shirts

As the days get colder, your t-shirt's sleeves get longer. With long-sleeved t-shirts, the fit is paramount due to the extra material you are working with. You want to avoid prints on long sleeve tees. It is better that you opt for textures and materials (like linen or cashmere) for added character.
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