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Blazer With a NWA Hoodie Makes the Look Even Better

The phrase "Blazer with a Hoodie" is itself an oxymoron. Blazers have always been the look for the formals while hoodies for the casuals. But, neither of them has ever been seen worn together to dwell with, forming a new look. Some enthusiasts believe that in the fashion domain, menswear or womenswear clothing must be distinguished. Still, little do they know that in today's time, some of the clothing comes in the unisex form, making it versatile for men and women. Similar are the NWA hoodies.

The mass might not be aware of the style statement that combines a hoodie with a blazer. However, like most new fashion trends, the chain of acceptance goes as follows: the more you see the fashion, the more you begin to accept it and might probably like it with time. Today, the concept of blazers with hoodies cannot be overlooked as it has become a 'thing', a legal thing. As a result, the combination is trending in the market and making its mark in the fashion industry.

Blazer with hoodies: All you need to know

Gone are those days when hoodies were only worn for casual outings or brunches. Fashion does not fall behind. Now hoodies have captured the market in the mainstream fashion that is quickly getting adopted. However, the flair of style for wearing this combination needs to be definitive to bring out the look appropriately. There are influencing factors that one must consider to inherit the style.

Throw a blazer with a hoodie with a lighter fabric

For rocking the look of a "blazer with a hoodie", wearing a hoodie made of lighter material is ideal. The lightness highlights the aesthetics of the outfit. Stating that, NWA hoodies serve the best for this purpose. Hoodies are lightweight and soft, but their sole purpose is to keep the body warm and comfortable. So, when bulky hoodies are worn, the look becomes clumsy as the blazer might n it fit up correctly.

Fitted hoodies

Undoubtedly, loose clothes make a person feel more comfortable. However, this unique combination is all about creating a formal-informal look, and fitted hoodies serve this purpose. Therefore, while pairing, it is mandated to keep this prospect in mind. The fitting ensures to provide a more smatter look while cutting down the bulkiness of the additional clothing.

Contrasting colours

The clothing line is not highlighted with matching colours. This is because the time of matched clothes is long gone. Instead, contrasting colours are the new trend today. Therefore when pairing a hoodie with a blazer, ensure that one of the cloth plays a contrasting role to complement the other.

Versatile hoodie types

Hoodies are one of the clothing that fits the body seamlessly. However, a hoodie must be styled so it can bring up the persona of an individual. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate their materials before usage when choosing hoodies.

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