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Bright Colors and Multiple Textures Define the T-Shirt Design Trends Today

The fad for bright and multi-textured t-shirts continues strong. At Pacific Hoodies, one of the finest names when it comes to experiencing a huge collection of unisex t-shirts, our team has drawn up the current market scenario of t-shirt trends. The following are some of the defining ones.

The Fad for Bright Colors

If you have been looking to buy unisex t-shirt, chances are you are eyeing on bright colors. And the same is by no means confined to prints. The actual color of the t-shirt, too, is preferably vibrant today. While monochromatic t-shirts continue to be the trend, the preference for exotic blends has been coming to the fore. Add to it the demand is for cent per cent cotton T-shirts.

Nostalgic Designs

Never before has the garments market experienced such a huge demand for nostalgic designs. Today, t-shirts sport some of the popular characters from the turn of the last century such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, to name but a few. Nostalgia is today an industry on its own.

Multiple Textures

If you are looking for such unisex t-shirts online as sport a spectacular range of contrasts, your preference could not be more in congruence with the rest of the world.

Today, the fad for multiple textures has been phenomenal. Consider, for instance, the peculiar blend of foil printing and metallic ink. Apart from that, the combination of water-based ink and foil printing has been making headlines across the board.

Text-Based Designs

T-shirts which convey a resounding message is a global favorite today. The subjects could range from humor to politics to brand captions. The idea is to lay the ground for instantaneous communication with one’s immediate world.  

Mineral Wash Apparels

Faded and worn-out looks, intensely evocative of the 80s and the 90s, have come back with a bang. The idea is to evoke a seemingly bohemian, indifferent attitude which is best captured by fade-outs. More often than not, the color scheme is limited to lighter shades, although deeper tones are no less outmoded.


No industry is entirely impervious to change. At Pacific Hoodies, our group of professionals continues to keep tabs on the market upgrades, thereby catering to the ever-evolving taste of our cherished customers.