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Everything You Want To Know About Travel Hoodies

A good quality travel hoodie can very well be your ace in the hole. Ensure your travel hoodie keeps you warm on long bus rides, and you can easily pack it in your backpack. Your travel hoodie has to have a zippered pocket. That’s it!

Nothing can replace quality fabrics like merino wool. A great travel hoodie is   something that is sturdy enough to handle hard wear and tear. While traveling, you do not require a neck pillow, eye mask, or a dozen of pockets if you have the best travel hoodie.

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What are the Best Fabrics to Look for in a Travel Hoodie?

While you are traveling, you want to make sure you are wearing something comfortable. Polyester and merino wool are the two best fabrics for travel hoodies. For traveling, you can even buy a handmade hoodie for better precision and details.

Why is Merino Wool Better than Cotton?

A hoodie can be the most important piece of outfit in your travel gear. However, it has to use the right fabric. Cotton hoodies, which are incredibly cheaper, do not stand a chance in front of a hoodie that is made of superfine merino wool.

Men love wearing hoodies; some spend most of their time in one. While traveling, long flights, overnight bus rides, and chilly hotels are common, giving you enough reasons to put your hoodie on. Since merino wool is very soft, it is meant to keep the wearer warm always. What’s more interesting? The material is odor-resistant. Comfort comes first when you are traveling, and merino wool promises you the same.

You would be surprised to know that merino wool can be folded down to nothing, which makes it ideal for packing.

Why is Polyester as a Material Suitable for Traveling?

While you are on the road, choosing the right garment is a must. Pick a hoodie that is made of polyester, as it can prevent harsh wind from entering your body. Polyester is known for being lightweight, meaning you can easily fit one in your rucksack. 

Your Travel Hoodie has to Feature Zippered Pockets

Most love to put their hands in pockets of their hoodies. Zippered pockets offer an excellent opportunity to keep stuff or your hands whenever needed.

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Passport Pocket

Travel hoodies feature passport-sized pockets located on their chest. You can use it for several purposes while traveling.

Adjustable Hood

Your travel hoodie has to have an adjustable hood so that you can pull the hood down, masking your face while taking on planes.

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