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Here is what You Want to Know About Thrasher T-Shirts

Every other day, there comes a new trend; some trends go out of style as quickly as they stepped in, while some find its way in the fashion market and stay longer than we have thought.

The thrasher t-shirts are peaking in popularity of late. At Pacific Hoodies, we have taken the initiative to explore what makes this outfit so popular among young men. Before going into deep, let us discuss its history a little.

rick and morty thrasher shirt

The History

Thrasher started out as a simple skate magazine in 1981. The magazine used to produce monthly editions with the aim of keeping skaters up-to-date with new video releases, unique benefits, and so on. T-shirts were designed and manufactured by the same company in order to grow the revenue. It made sense to them that producing t-shirts for skaters in bulk can be the kick-start. That is how the real journey started, which made its mark on the apparel industry soon.

By the 90s' thrasher t-shirts were universal in the market of the US. The popularity of thrasher t-shirts skyrocketed and soon become successful for obvious reasons. The logo, a skate graphic, a varied range of color palette – everything was in favor of the t-shirt's popularity.

The variety of colors, along with the properties of the logo complemented each other, as a result of which the production did not stop, and the market was filled with countless t-shirts in a few years.

What Makes a Thrasher tee a Perfect Outfit?

Despite featuring a skate-centered graphic, the t-shirt still has something that attracts guys. The thrasher style has been adopted by ample celebrities, which influenced the public's fashion conscience. Seeing celebrities wear this t-shirt, it was impossible for men to resist themselves from wearing thrasher tees. Nowadays, it is ubiquitous to see a man wearing this skater's shirt.

The comfortable fit, color availability, the unique logo design, and the astounding look that it creates upon wearing - these are the signs why this piece of the outfit has caught the interest of the fashion world and every man out there who loves to wear comfortable outfits.

The t-shirt has soon become a must-have wardrobe essential for everyone across the world, whether they are inclined into fashion, skaters, or even an average customer.

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Final Words

Seeing the popularity of the thrasher t-shirt, it is inevitable to say that the attention surrounding this apparel is somehow adding to the fact that skating is no longer a misunderstood activity. If you are a fan of thrasher shirts and want to add one in your wardrobe, why not buy your favorite piece from a reputed online retailer? At Pacific Hoodies, there are plenty of design options available that you can purchase at an affordable rate. Whether you are a guy or a girl, our unisex Rick and Morty thrasher shirt is just as perfect as they can get.