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Hoodies have Evolved into what We Call Fashion Today

Is your closet full of hoodies? Hoodies are probably your favorite outfit option. The transition of hoodies is something heavily noticeable. This fashion piece has evolved a lot since the day it was introduced. From university students considering hoodies as their go-to option to grown-ups, hoodies are welcomed by every fashion enthusiast out there.

The hoodie has skyrocketed in popularity as a fashion icon and is often confused with sweatshirts. At the same time, it is a fact that hoodies are relative to what we call sweatshirts but are not the same. Well, the distinguishable part is the hood itself, which is present in a hoodie.

Dreamville hoodie

This is the reason why hoodies are considered more casual than that of the sweatshirts. The hood allows one to hide his or her face, if necessary. At Pacific Hoodies, we are excited to tell some interesting facts about your favorite Dreamville hoodie

What Today's Hoodies have to Offer?

Until the 1990s, hoodies were labeled as hooded sweatshirts. During the '90s, the name got shortened into the term "hoodie." Today, there are large varieties and styles of hoodies available in the market. From pullovers, zip-ups, baggy to hooded sweatshirts, countless are the options today.

From athletes to students to professionals to celebrities, hoodies are in almost everyone's closets today. The versatility that a hoodie has to offer is unmatched and undeniable. This is the reason why everyone loves wearing hoodies, no matter the occasion.

Hoodies can be coupled with any outfit that a man has in his wardrobe. There is no denying that hoodies are the staple fashion statement that any gender can opt for.

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Making a Statement

While dressing up a hoodie, you can add a flair anytime. If you are getting ready for your work, and eyeballing that hoodie you have carefully categorized and placed in the business casual wardrobe, you can go for it. You can opt for a pair of jeans and a dark-colored blazer to team it up with your hoodie.

If you want to just hang around the home or relax, what better outfit could do more justice than a nice hoodie?

Make it Personal and Customized

Hoodies are great as they can easy to customize. Wearing something that matches your style and personality is something every man wants to be blessed with. If you want to convey your style to the world, you can always customize your hoodie to make it more interesting.

All you need is to be a little careful while choosing the color and fonts to match the hoodie's color. That is all; you can rock your style in public while being in style.

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