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How Does a Sweatshirt Help to Burn More Calories?

If you are new to the gym, or if you've been going for a while and you're just curious, you might be wondering: Why do people wear hoodies and sweatpants when they work out at the gym? Don't they get hot? Aren't you supposed to work out in shorts? Are you missing something, and should you go to the gym in sweatpants?

What you wear while working out is important. Your gear and attire can help keep you comfortable. In many cases, it is very important to the exercise you are doing, like good shoes for running. Wearing a Audi sweatshirt when exercising to promote extra caloric burn has some merit. However, it needs to be considered with its minor benefits and possible health concerns.

Heart Rate

When you run, the heart rate increases to supply the body's muscles with an adequate supply of oxygen-enriched blood. The faster the heart beats, the more energy is required. Thus more calories are burned. When you wear a sweatshirt, the body temperature increases, heart rate increases, and circulation increases to maintain body temperature. As a result, it increases the heart rate, you may burn more calories when wearing a sweatshirt, but it's not always a good idea.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs when the body temperature rises, and the body cannot keep up. Heat exhaustion is prone to happen when coupled with intense physical activity. For instance, if you are running in a sweatshirt, you may encourage heat exhaustion or heat stroke in a more serious condition. If you are running with a sweatshirt and get too hot, take it off immediately. Finally, always stay hydrated by drinking water when running.


The amount of calories you burn while running is contingent on two factors: duration and intensity. At higher heart rates, you can burn calories fast. Low-intensity jogging or walking may help you burn calories than running if you do it long enough. Because sweatshirts will increase your exercise intensity, they may severely limit the duration that negates the sweatshirt's calorie-burning benefits.

Sweating Myth

There is a myth that wearing additional clothes makes you lose weight faster as you sweat more. Wearing a sweatshirt will make you sweat more, and increased sweating indirectly burns calories through increased heart rate. The majority of the weight is lost through sweating is water weight. Wrestlers and athletes who attempt to lose significant amounts of weight in a short amount of time often exercise to lose water weight. However, the water-weight loss is extremely temporary and is not a healthy or sustainable form of weight loss.

Now that you have all of the need-to-know information when it comes to working out in gym hoodies, the decision is up to you! With new fabric and clothing technology on the market for both men and women, working out in sweaters is safer and more fashionable than ever before. Whether it's to help you sweat more, prevent injury, there are plenty of good reasons to exercise in a sweatshirt.

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