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How to keep your hoodies new as always?

Undoubtedly, hoodies are the most comfortable and low-maintenance garments we can own today. You can comfortably wear a hoodie once, twice, thrice, and even more time before you think of washing it. We always suggest that hoodies be dry-cleaned for the first wash, especially when they are made of fleece. If you want the best place to buy hoodies online, go for Pacific hoodies. 

Most of the custom hoodie printing companies will hand over you the hoodies after running a bio-wash on them. A bio-wash adds more strength and durability to the fibers. If your Handmade Hoodie was not given a bio-wash, we recommend you give it for dry cleaning for the first wash. Dry cleaning is expensive, and no one wishes to spend a fortune only for maintaining a hoodie.

Hoodies are too comfortable to resist. You can practically put on a hoodie for a formal meeting, a casual get-together, and even go out for a party sporting a trendy hoodie. Hoodies are the most versatile garments designed in the world. With this fact in mind, don’t you wish to keep your hoodies soft and comforting for a long time?

Follow these simple steps to upkeep the softness of your comforting hoodie:

  • Try to wear your hoodie as much as possible before you wash it. You can hang it on a hanger and let it dry so that you can wear it again. Washing hoodies, again and again, will make bobbles appear on the surface. Unlike your other garments, hoodies do not require regular washing.
  • Bring some color-preserving gentle detergent to wash your hoodie. If any wash care instructions came with the hoodie, follow them. Otherwise, you can machine wash your hoodie on gentle mode. Ensure that your hoodie is not over-dried in the spin tub for long.
  • We usually wash all our clothes together in the washing machine, but try to wash your hoodie alone. The friction of the hoodie fabric, along with others, might ruin the softness of the hoodie.
  • Before you drop your hoodie in the washing machine, we suggest that you turn your hoodie inside out so that the embroidered applique or the screen print remains intact. For zipped hoodies, keep the zip up while washing.
  • Never add bleach while washing your hoodie. It will ruin the softness of the fabric. Try not to dry your hoodie in the washing machine; rinse it thoroughly and dry it on a hangar.

Generally, you will find hoodies in darker shades because they are meant to pose that bold look. Moreover, a hoodie is supposed to be worn a few times before it goes for washing. Dark colors do not catch dust so soon. Now, you must maintain the sheen of your dark-colored hoodie. You should know how to keep your dark-colored hoodie from fading away. You do not know, but the water, the friction, the detergent, and the spin – all contribute to pulling out the original color from your hoodie. If you are looking for custom hoodies, go for Pacific hoodies, it is one of the best places to buy hoodies.