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How to style a hoodie with an everyday look?

We all have a hoodie; whether it's a zip-up or a pullover, it gives comfort and warmth that you have relied on. Are you styling it to your advantage? You can transform your boring clothes into stylish and trendy ones with added accessories. Here are a few popular styles and tips on incorporating unisex hooded sweatshirt into an everyday look.

Sporty hoodies

If you prefer wearing loose-fitting clothes for a basketball game, you are likely familiar with the comfort of a hoodie. Are you pairing your well-worn hoodie with complimentary pieces? You can pair a pullover or zip-up hoodie with plain white or black t-shirt, a pair of joggers and matching sneakers. Choose a cool hoodie in a neutral colour like grey for a comfortable and relaxed look. 

Casual layers

If you want to adopt a casual style, it doesn't mean you want to look sloppy. Regardless of where you are going, throw on a utility jacket in a green, navy, grey or khaki jacket for a casual and trendy look. Pair it with skinny jeans and masculine boots. You can get a baseball cap to have a casual aesthetic look. 

Edgy with leather 

Hoodies are in everyone's closet, including edgy, punk rock stars. For a badass edge, keep the outfit choice simple. You can pair a grey or black pullover hoodie with a leather jacket for a sleek look. You can pair dark wash biker jeans and black combat boots to complete the outfit. 

Preppy style 

Men who lean toward a preppy style can pair their hoodies with fitted clothes. If you are looking for a new one, don't shy away from unusual designs, patterns or colours. Fitted, striped pullover hoodies are a great way to add a slight nautical influence to your ensemble. You can complement your hoodie with a pair of khaki pants. If the weather permits, light brown boat shoes also look great. If it is chilly outside, throw on a hip denim fitted jacket and adorn it with favourite enamel pins and eye-catching patches. 

Urban outfits

If you prefer a more urban aesthetic look, it will be best if you pair your favourite pullover hoodie with a pair of joggers and big brown boots. The key to making the style work is throwing on a sleek bomber jacket, preferably in a military green or black shade, for a relaxed and comfortable look that doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. You will never go out of trend with a classic baseball cap for fun, colourful design or a thick, bold wristwatch for accessories. 

Hoodies aren't for lounging around anymore. They are a great way to bridge the gap between style and comfort. Follow the above tips to stay trendy and look good throughout the year. No matter your style, you can mix and match items in your closet to get your look. Have fun with it. You can always ask a friend to give style advice so you can make changes to fine-tune your fashion. Visit Pacific hoodies and check out our latest collection.