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Know the Reasons behind the Popularity of Custom Printed Unisex Hoodies

Custom hoodies are one of the common and most popular types of custom printed apparels. They are highly functional and stylish at the same time. Custom sweatshirts are suitable in places where the temperature remains cool throughout the year. Hoodies are also perfect for workout and outdoor activities. You can now get a custom unisex hooded sweatshirt online from reputed brands. The best thing about a custom hooded sweatshirt is that you can print your design and image on your hoodie as per your choice. 

unisex hooded sweatshirt

The Benefits of Custom Printing On Your Hoodies 

The main benefit of wearing a hoodie is that everyone can wear this outfit anywhere. Adding a custom design will enhance your personality. From a commercial point of view, it is really good to invest in custom printed unisex hoodie in business promotion and advertisement. People in the fitness industry are the target market as these individuals spend lots of money on clothes suitable for exercise and athletics.  

What about the cost of printing a custom hoodie? Are they expensive as compared to the normal t-shirts available? Not at all, regular custom hoodies cost the same as regular tees. If you want to have more than just a typical hoodie that only belongs to you, buying a custom-designed sweatshirt is the best option. You can get multiple material selections, designs, colors to choose from. Pacific Hoodies provides custom-designed apparel like hoodies and T-shirts at an affordable price. You can also get discounts on bulk orders. 

How to Paint a Design on a Hoodie? 

This versatile garment has lots of possible printing locations and can accommodate different printing methods. You should first check the print areas and then go for the printing method and design you want to provide.  

  1. Hoodie Print Areas- while a hoodie has the same printed areas as a T-shirt, there are some restrictions that you should be aware of. Printing on hoodies can be possible on the full front area, which is about 3”x10”, on full sleeves area, which is about 4”x14”, full-back portion, which is about 12”x14”, side hood, which is 6”x6”, left chest 4”x4” and so on.
  2. Hoodie Printing Restrictions- if you want to print on zipper hoodies, printing all over the body is impossible. So, while you are putting a design on your zipper hoodie, consult with a designer regarding where you can put your design. There is no limitation to print on the front portion of the hoodie in place of a pullover hoodie. The other restriction is on pockets where the print area is smaller.  

Custom Hoodie Sweatshirt Printing Methods

  • Screen Printing- it is one of the most popular printing methods available. This method is vibrant, long-lasting, and also favorite among the buyers. 
  • DTG- is the direct-to-garment printing method that is popular among small printing businesses. This printing process is not as good as screen printing, and colors are not too vibrant, but you can easily design or print with the DTG printing process. Keep in mind using 100% cotton fabric to do DTG printing and careful while washing the hoodie.  
  • Embroidery Print- it is one of the methods that keep the printing classy and suitable for branding. As embroidery comes with backing on the opposite side of the fabric, it can be difficult to do embroidery on lighter materials and uncomfortable areas with friction. So, it is suggested to keep the design small and as simple as possible.  
This is a guide on how to have your custom printed hoodie sweatshirt. You can get unisex designer hoodies as well. Choose your favorite print and flaunt your unique hoodie in the crowd.