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Oversized Is the New Trend in Sweatshirts’ World

The trend of baggy clothes is still there on the streets. Oversized sweatshirts have become a fashion must-have among the youth worldwide. Not to mention the freedom of movement and air circulation, oversized sweatshirts have to offer.

For men who want to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time, nothing would allow you to create a more fashionable look than an oversized outfit.

Pacific Sweatshirts

Choosing an Oversized Hoodie

When we say oversized, we do not mean big. In fact, the oversized sweatshirt that you choose must have the right fit yet having enough room. For example, if you generally wear a size M, in XXL you will look funny. With oversized Pacific sweatshirts, the idea is not to make you look funny but comfortable and stylish. Make sure the outfit you choose is not too big or heavy, especially if you are considering layering.

Fabric and the thickness are two major factors to consider before getting your hands on an oversized hoodie. While choosing one, bear the layering criteria in mind is important. We at Pacific Hoodies, recommend you to opt for a middle-weight sweatshirt.  

It is a no-brainer; choose the colors and patterns carefully. If you are a lover of black, nothing should stop you from getting a black piece as it looks flattering on any body type and skin tone. Graphics and logos in a hoodie or sweatshirt work fine.

Keeping the Balance Right

Getting your hands on an oversized sweatshirt is not enough. It is about creating a look that satisfies your personality goals. The idea here is to create a look that is comfortable and casual at the same time.

Couple your oversized sweatshirt with something fitted. Skinny jeans, for instance, will complement your look. You can be a little creative when it comes to choosing the color. If you want to create a street-chic look, opt for a pair of neutral denim jeans and light blue-colored sweatshirt.  

Avoid wearing your lower piece of outfit that is baggy with an oversized hoodie.

If you are too casual and do not mind getting out in shorts, believe it or not, oversized sweatshirts go exceptionally well with shorts. Complete the look with white sneakers.

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Adding Layers

Are you excited about layering? You can pick a blazer or a classic coat and couple it with an oversized sweatshirt. This look can save you on those chilly winter nights. To top it off, a pair of slim-fit jeans can be the best bet for you.

Buying Hoodies

At Pacific Hoodies, you will find a range of oversized sweatshirts to suit your taste. A wide array of colors, prices, and patterns are going to leave plenty for choice.