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The Hoodie Fashion Trends To Try This Year

Hoodies are a staple for every man’s wardrobe. Are you a hoodie lover and seeking the latest trends to follow? At Pacific Hoodies, we will talk about men’s fashion trends to pull off.

Trying new trends is fun for many. In fact, sometimes it can be helpful to break out from what you usually wear. You may find the most suitable outfit by exploring what is in and what is out. Who knows?

Here we put together a list of style trends to try this year.

Tik Tok Hoodie

Achieve a modern look by picking a dark jean with a grey hoodie

We understand that you want to pull off a trendy look with your favorite Tik Tok Hoodie. Including some contrast in your outfit is a good tip worth remembering. A white t-shirt paired with a grey hoodie on top can make a world of difference in how you look. Complete this look with dark denim jeans. 

The jeans should be fitted snug through your thigh and be cuffed at the bottom. 

Opt for the color brown 

If you are someone looking to break out of your usual go-to’s, you will be surprised at how the color brown can transform your look. The important thing to know is that brown makes a perfect alternative to black, especially during winter. 

There are a wide range of shades in the brown family, be it light oatmeal or dark olive khaki. Pick a brown hoodie and pair it with a pair of blue jeans or chinos. Do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns, colors, and textures. 

Wear camo hoodie

Camo hoodies are the favorite of many and in trend nowadays. If you are not afraid to create a wild look, couple a camo hoodie with a slim-fit jean. 

Cropped trousers to pair with a hoodie

Do you love cropped trousers? If you think it is too trendy for you to try, think again! You will love the look if you wear it right. No matter the height, a cropped trouser visually lengthens your legs.   

Layer your denim jacket

Are you ready to take things to an advanced level? Layering your denim jacket like a stylist is what makes you effortlessly trendy. Ideally, try something that fits close to your body; it should be slim but not too tight. Simply put, you should be able to layer your denim jacket under a hoodie. 

Patterned pants with hoodies

When buying patterned pants or trousers to pair them with hoodies, be sure to pick a style that features colors that are already present in your hoodie. To add oomph to your outfit, try this patterned pair of trousers with your favorite hoodie. Winter marks the perfect time to pull off this look. 

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