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The Ultimate Buying Guide To Unisex T-Shirts

Finding the right t-shirt is an ongoing mission, with zillions of big brands, styles and colours. Selecting the right fabric and the right fit seem to be a big part of your searching journey. Not all fits are equal, and everyone’s body type is unique.
Before you decide to buy a unisex t-shirt, you should know what it is.

What do you mean by unisex style?

In the world of t-shirts, when you see the term ‘unisex’, it does not necessarily mean that it is designed to fit both men and women. Instead, it simply means that there is not a ladies’ version of that particular garment. If the garment does not specify ladies’ or men’s, it is considered a standalone style, commonly known as unisex, which means a gent’s cut that ladies can also wear.
Historically speaking, t-shirts were first used as underwear. They were designed for members of the US Navy. T-shirts got popular among youngsters, thanks to the movies released in 1950. It did not take long for t-shirts to emerge as a universal garment option for both men and women.

Two major categories of fit

The first and foremost thing to know is that different brands use different terms to describe the fit when it comes to fits. However, overall they can be categorized as two broad categories, including standard and fashion fit.

Standard or classic fit t-shirts

Standard fit gained momentum since the ‘90s. They are a bit more roomy and boxy. If you are buying t-shirts in bulk, classic fit t-shirts are the best option as they are going to suit different body types.

Fashion or slim fit t-shirts

They are also known as fitted and are meant to contour to the body more closely. They are less baggier than standard fit t-shirts with shorter sleeves and snugger fit arms.
Choosing the proper size is the secret to getting the right fit for your t-shirt. Most men choose one size bigger for comfort. However, when it comes to looking fashionable in a t-shirt, it is smarter to wear the size that fits best.


The perfect t-shirt should feature a shoulder seam that lines up with the end of the shoulder bone.


The hem of the sleeves of a perfect t-shirt will fall at the middle of the bicep and hug the arm. Slightly longer sleeves best suit taller people.


An ideal t-shirt will cover the waistline and rest at the hips. The length of the t-shirt may vary depending on the height of the person wearing it. However, it should never cross the top of the inseam.


A fashion fit t-shirt’s neckline will sit flat above the collar bone. The collar of the t-shirt should not be too tight or too loose. Standard or classic fit t-shirts feature bigger, wider collars as compared to fashion fit. If you go for a V-neck, make sure that the collar right below the clavicle.
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