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Tips to Choose the Right Material for Custom Hoodie

When only the athletes put on hoodies, we are witnessing an era where everyone's wardrobe is loaded with a collection of hoodies to be sported on various occasions. Hoodies are classy, comfortable, and versatile garments that suit men and women equally. You can also get some OTF hoodie for your little ones if needed.

Let alone the branded hoodies; there are great custom hoodies manufactured every day to promote a reunion, event, or even family gatherings. Customized hoodies are a trend these days, and it is only going to grow in the future. Businesses look forward to unique marketing techniques, and printing custom apparel becomes an excellent idea. While planning a reunion, custom hoodies for the alumni make them nostalgic about their past times.

While you design your hoodies and give them to a custom hoodie printing company, you must ensure that all the elements, right from the design to colors and the fabric you choose, are good. Let's discuss different fabrics that are used widely to make custom hoodies. If you are not sure about which fabric to pick up for your order,

The following information will help:

1. Cotton

Undoubtedly, cotton is a popular material for any garment. Cotton is made from natural fiber, and it is highly absorbent. These hoodies are mainly used for casual wear and sportswear. The material helps to keep your body dry during intense activities. If you are working for a long time, cotton hoodies will ensure comfortable and not exhausted with work. Cotton is a lightweight material, and thus, it offers excellent flexibility to the body. Cotton fibers are blended with various other fibers to create different fabric blends like polyester.

2. Fleece

Fleece hoodies work only in the winters. So while you are looking forward to gifting custom hoodies to the employees to keep them warm during the winter, these hoodies should be a perfect choice. Fleece is a soft fabric made up of cotton and wool. Therefore, hoodies are suitable for trekkers and campers who climb high summits paving their way amidst the snow. One advantage to using fleece for your hoodies is that fleece does not catch stain so easily, and thus, it is effortless to maintain. In addition, you can blend fleece with other fabric types to add more durability to your hoodie.

3. Nylon

Lastly, we talk about nylon mainly used in party wear hoodies. They are to be worn only occasionally. It is a synthetic fabric that looks glossy and also gives a good fall to the garment. It is a less common option to choose for your custom hoodie project. This can be a good pick if you plan to keep these hoodies only for a specific night party. These hoodies are suitable for the rainy season as they do not easily let water penetrate the fibers. Nylon can be blended with other fabrics to create a new fabric blend.

Hoodies and T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for people of almost all generations. Our tailor-made designs serve you as an incredible choice for making every special occasion or celebration extra special.