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Tips To Design Your Handmade Hoodie for Style Statement

Suppose you have a growing collection of hoodies and are interested in designing your hoodie. In that case, you can customize the sweatshirt depending upon your choice of design, style, color, and print that you want to have on the Handmade Hoodie. You can also consult with the team from Pacific Hoodies, who are specialized in custom made hoodies and other outfits. Here in this blog, you will get an idea about the steps involved in designing and printing the hoodies as per your custom choice.

Use Your Hand-Drawn Art

    If you are an artist or love to do painting and want to print your design on your custom designed hoodie, you can easily do it. First, you can draw the sketch on a piece of paper and then scan the image and send it to the expert or printer. He will download the image and is printed on the hoodie. You can put your hand-drawn art on the front portion or back portion of the outfit; this solely depends upon your choice and way of style. If the hoodie is a zip-up one, there is no space on the hoodie's front part. You can then try the design on the back portion. On the other hand, if you are wearing a pullover hoodie, the front portion has enough space for a custom design.

    Choosing The Right Color Is A Must

      Yes, choosing the right color for your personalized outfit is a must. Not all the colors will suit you, or else you will want to look bad with a color of the outfit that you do not want to wear ever. Hence, the color selection depends upon the choice of colors that you want to wear and the contrast of colors the design make on the hoodie. If you want to print a dark-colored design on the hoodie, you can choose the hoodie of light color. On the other hand, if you are doing the design in a light color, choose a dark-colored hoodie to find the contrast nicely-identified. If you have some colors, you can discuss the requirement with the expert who will design the hoodie for you.

      Use The Right Design Dimensions

        Most online sites provide a tool that helps the customers have an imagery line to choose a small, large, or anything in between. Ideally, you have to make sure that the image you have selected has crisps, clean lines, and you should place the image in the right manner that anyone can see easily and that does not look too odd in front. The detailed images that are too small are difficult to see or understand; hence, you should choose simple yet large images easily understood by the viewers.

        Getting Discounts

          If you want discounts on the order, it is better to put bulk orders on the items. At Pacific Hoodies, you will get discounts or offers if you order in bulk amounts. Hence, custom-designed hoodies or sweatshirts are better for business promotion or events when ordered in huge amounts.

          These are some of the factors to keep in mind while designing a custom hoodie. Be unique and stay distinct with customized hoodies.