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Top 5 Different Types Of Men’s Favorite T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple wardrobe piece today. They are the most common pieces of clothing. You wear them under dress shirts, blazers, jackets, from your lounge to the beach; you even wear them to sleep.
In this definitive t-shirt guide, let us take you through different types of t-shirts.

Types of t-shirts

T-shirts are so ubiquitous that they are often overlooked. With so many different t-shirt styles and designs to choose from, there is no wonder how stylish and versatile they can be.

The crew neck t-shirt

The crew neck OTF 600 T-shirt features a circular, rounded neckline. It is the most common t-shirt type available on the market.
They are an ideal clothing choice for men with sloped shoulders and long or narrow faces. This is because the round collar helps to create balance with a narrow face. Crewnecks can create an illusion of rounder shoulders so that you look broader.

The V-neck t-shirt

The V-neck t-shirts are men's favourite too. V-necks look great under an unbuttoned dress shirt, or you can wear no shirt whatsoever.
These t-shirts are flattering on men with a larger upper body and rounder faces. Shorter men can also go for V-necks because it naturally elongates the neck, creating an illusion of height. It also helps to create a thinner effect for men with a larger upper body.

The Henley (Y-neck) t-shirt

Henleys are perfect for men with well-defined chests. Muscular guys look good in them. It is like a crewneck and V-neck hybrid that works wonders. The Henley t-shirt not only accentuates the athletic build, but it is masculine in its aesthetic. Moreover, it is more stylish than the basic crew neck or V-neck t-shirts.

The scoop neck t-shirt

The scoop neck is not an essential piece in the world of t-shirts. Not many men wear them as they find it tricky what to pair them with. The scoop neck t-shirt is defined by an extra-wide neckline.
It looks appealing on men with a well-defined chest. Since the fabric tends to be lighter and free-flowing, it makes it ideal for the spring or summer seasons.

A final piece of advice

As with any clothing, try the t-shirt on in a store if possible, and see if the fit is right.
And if you are going for 100% cotton and want to invest in a premium quality t-shirt, go for Pima or Egyptian cotton. They are made from long-staple fibers, which last longer, feel lighter, and look thinner.

Wrapping up

Like the dark wash denim and navy blazer, the classic t-shirt is a menswear staple, and there is no doubt about that. The next time you buy a t-shirt, keep these things in mind.
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