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Top 5 Things to Keep In Mind While You Are Buying Custom Hoodies

People get excited every year during winters as it is the "hoodie season." Yes, hoodies are very popular among people of all ages in all seasons. All people are excited about the postal hoodie and other varieties too. There is something great about wrapping the upper part of the body with a soft fleece garment with the attached hood that will not only keep you warm when the weather gets chilly. 

However, as there are various brands and styles available in the market, you might be thinking about which one to buy. The best thing to know about hoodies is that you can make your customized hoodies. 

I am here to provide you with some of the simple tips that will surely guide you to pick the best one from various styles, fabrics, and how you can print or custom design the hoodies. 

Choosing the Right Type of Hoodie to Wear 

 Not all hoodies are made equal; hence if you are looking for a perfect hoodie that you can customize as per your choice, there are some important things to keep in mind- style, brand, fabric, and size.  

  • Hoodie Styles- There are mainly two styles of hoodies available for customization: the pullover and the zip hoodies. However, apart from these two main types of hoodies, some varieties include the quarter-zip hoodies, side-zips, feather fringes, button-downs, and many more.  

The full zip hoodies are fashion-forward, and they are versatile. You can wear this hoodie in various styles, and the zip is used to control the temperature when you feel cold. If the weather is hot, you can keep the zip open; on the other hand, if the outer temperature is chill, you can close the zipper and feel the warmth. But the bad thing about the zipper hoodies is that there is no plenty of space to design.  

The pullover hoodie is perfect for any season. They can be worn during the summer days. Design can be done easily in the chest area and even in front of the pocket area. Overall, there are more design areas on the pullover hoodies than the zipper hoodies. However, with the pullover hoodies, you cannot control the temperature when you feel cold.  

  • Hoodie Fabric- Like the T-shirts, hoodies are made with various fabrics and blends. They are soft to touch and made with 100% of cotton. They do not absorb moisture, and with the advancement of technology, hoodies are nowadays made with 100% polyester. Besides cotton and polyester, you can get the cotton/poly blends.  
  • Hoodie Printing Areas: This outfit has many printing locations, and you can apply various printing methods, but all of them come with some sorts of restrictions and issues.  
Apart from these points, you should also know that various hoodie printing methods include screen-printing, DTG, dry-sublimation, embroidery, and heat transfer. You might be thinking, what the perfect size of the hoodie you will buy? The women's hoodie size chart is different than men's hoodies. But if you like to buy the oversized one, you can opt for the unisex hoodies available at Pacific Hoodies. This website offers various types of men, women, and unisex hoodies at a reasonable price.