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Hoodies: A Fashion Staple Every Guy Has To Have In His Wardrobe

Hoodies are an ultimate fashion staple for guys worldwide. If you do not have a hoodie yet, the chances are high that you are searching for one. Since the inception of hoodies, they have significantly peaked in popularity. Hoodies are essentially made of cotton, which makes them a comfortable outfit option for every man out there.

The essential element that makes a hoodie distinct is the hood. Some hoodies come with drawstrings, some with zippers, some have pockets. Some hoodies use materials like polyester, leather, etc.

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There is no denying that hoodies can effortlessly make one look cool while staying comfortable at the same time. On top of that, they are an ideal option for everyday wear and tear. Thanks to the functionality and affordability of hoodies, they are a chosen favorite for everyone, be it freelancers, celebrities, or company CEOs.

At Pacific Hoodies, we can help you find your style that suits your personality. Here are our thoughts on how you flaunt a hoodie on different occasions.

How do You Style a Hoodie?


There are numerous ways to you can wear a hoodie. During winter, styling your favourite hoodie is as simple as it can get. When it comes to layering, nothing matches the functionality and versatility of hoodies. They are designed to suit any outfit available in your wardrobe. Couple your favorite hoodie with a heavy overcoat on chilly evenings, along with a pair of denim jeans and classy boots.

At the Office

Hoodies have become very common in modern workplaces, and there is no harm in dressing up in a hoodie to your office. If you want to achieve a stylish, professional look, pick a hoodie to wear it under a suit jacket, colored trousers, and brown colored loafers. It would not make you look over the board. 

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Weekend Savior

If you want to get some inspiration on how to flaunt your favorite hoodie, here is the deal. To make your weekends more interesting, why not pick a hoodie coupled with a coat, featuring a white button. Sweatpants and boots would not harm your classy look. You can also try this look with skinny jeans, and you are good to go!

Summer Days

Wondering how to wear a hoodie during the summer months? If you are up for a quick visit to the beaches or parks, throwing a hoodie with shorts and sandals would do justice to your look. Remember to pick something that uses cotton as a material, not wool or fleece.

Got some fashion inspiration already? It is time to get your hands on a hoodie and get experimental. Please browse through our site to find out which style goes with your taste and personality.