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How to Style your Favorite Hoodie in the Summer?

Are you the one who loves hoodies like anything? Seeing the versatility and functionality of a hoodie, it is no exaggeration to say: today's hoodies are an unmatched wardrobe essential that every man's must-have.

There is a misconception about wearing this stylish outfit, which is – hoodies are not something that can be worn during summer. You might be wondering what makes a hoodie suitable to wear even in hot weather.

Thanks to the fashion experts and designers, today's hoodies are made of different materials, some of which are ideal for wearing in summer, like cotton, linen, or rayon. At Pacific Hoodies, we know how hoodies are every man's favorite wardrobe nowadays. To add to this, our focus is solely on making hoodies that can be worn, especially in days when the temperature is up on the rise.

Now you might be wondering how you can style a hoodie in summer that will not make you sweat, and you will still look as fashionable as you want. Here we discuss our favorite ways to team up a hoodie to style in summer:

TDE Hoodie

Choose a Sheer Version

Right now, sheer clothing is trendy. Want to know why every fashion enthusiast loves sheer clothing so much? Because there is a lot more room for ventilation. Now speaking of sheer hoodies, it is safe to say that sheer hoodies are more comfortable than any other piece out there. You will not face any breathing difficulties, or there will be no sweating at all. You can consider teaming your sheer hoodie with a t-shirt underneath along with a pair of comfortable jeans.

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Go for a Cropped Hoodie

If you are someone who puts comfort first and does not mind what other people have to say, then a cropped hoodie is what you can opt for to style in summer. You can pair a cropped hoodie with a regular t-shirt to make a statement.

Lightweight Hoodies

Lightweight hoodies are just as comfortable as they can get, and the best thing about them is that you can wear one in summer days. You can also consider it as a layering piece. You can treat this outfit with casual jackets of solid color of your choice.

Tips on Summer Outfits

  1. First thing's first, during summer, no matter what outfit you choose, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are feeling good in an outfit, it is what matters most.
  2. You do not know what the evening temperature is going to be. Hence it is a smart choice to be always prepared. Layering is the key to save you from the unexpected cold.
  3. Keeping your look simple yet stylish is the easiest way to make your look stand ahead. In summer, you would certainly not want to experiment with attires that do not offer you comfort.
  4. You do not have to compromise your style for comfort. With TDE hoodie, you can always rock your style in summer.